Vos Legal is a legal office ran bij Maarten Vos. He is specialized in labor law and private law. For his office I designed a clean looking website and logo to meet the client's demands. Clean, simple, and easy to use.

The design for the website and logo was done in Adobe XD and Adobe Illustrator. The collaborative capabilities of Adobe XD make it an excellent tool for working collaboratively with the client.

For the website I've used Gatsby. Gatsby is a React framework optimized for performance. Through the use of different optimization techniques, including image optimization and static rendering, Gatsby sites generally get amazing scores on the Lighthouse test, Google's quintessential tool for measuring website performance. The Nozem audio site is no exception to this rule.

For the content management system, I've implemented Netlify CMS. It's a lightweight, easy to use CMS. The best part about the Gatsby/Netlify CMS combo is that hosting your site is completely free of cost. No databases or servers required. This makes it the perfect combination for small companies that want a fast site with a custom design, but don't want to break the bank to get it.

Used Tech